Icon i404 Star Flash File SC6531E (Firmware) 100% Tested

Hello GSM friends, are you looking for a Icon i404 Star flash file?  Entered the right website, and you can download the Flash file easily from here.  Icon i404 Star flash file is 100% tested and safe. The problems you can solve with this flash file are hang logo, dead recovery, IMEI repair, unlock password, and many more. On this web page, you will find this Flash file about how to Flash on a mobile step-by-step guide with the download link.

Icon i404 Star Flash File SC6531E

To flash the Icon i404 Star flash file, you will need to use a flashing tool such as InfinityBox CM2SCR. The flashing process is relatively straightforward, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid bricking your device. Before flashing the phone must check if the phone matches the picture, the CPU model is correct

Icon i404 Star Flash File Reading Info

Wait for device ... 

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
BootSource  :  InternalLibrary
BootVersion : Infinity SCR 6531EFM v2.0 (c)2019
Port speed : 921600
FDL Flash  : Control transfered!
Boot Done!
CS0_MEM : SPI : [WINBOND] : W25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]
Read Flash Ok, Size : 4.00 MiB
Platform Version: MOCOR_16A.W17.43.4_Release
Project Version:   SC6531EFM_BAR
BASE  Version:     BASE_SVN
HW Version:        SC6531EFM_BAR
01-15-2024 15:29:07
LOG Version:      V1.0.1
Saved to : C:\Users\b\Desktop\Read Flash\i404\F18E_FTJD_T328_icon_i404_3N1_240X320_BDKG_V01_20240115.bin
Elapsed: 00:01:02
Reconnect Power/Cable!

Icon i404 Star Flash File Download Link

  • Device Model: Icon i404 Star
  • CPU Type: SC6531E
  • File Size: 4MB
  • Version: F18E_FTJD_T328_icon_i404_3N1_240X320_BDKG_V01_20240115.bin
  • File Source: InfinityBox CM2
  • Compressed: WinRAR And 7Zip
  • Password: Paid
Icon i404 Star Flash File SC6531E

Icon i404 Star Boot Key

These mobile's boot keys are used during the flashing and unlock of passwords in your Windows PC Via USB Cable. First and foremost, Chinese Spd Cpu mobile phones use these boot keys. These are methods used to locate the boot key on Button Mobile. Boot Key: "USE Spd Boot Cable"

How to Flash Icon i404 Star Phone:

  • First Download Icon i404 Star Flash File Firmware.
  • Then Install Icon i404 Star USB Driver On Your Computer, If You Already Have A USB Driver Installed Skip This Step.
  • Open Icon i404 Star Flash Tool (CM2 / Miracle Box).
  • Icon i404 Star Battery Remove And Then Insert Battery.
  • Select The Downloaded Flash File Then Click the Write Flash Option.
  • Connect your device to the Computer Via USB Cable And Press Boot Key.
  • Now Icon i404 Star Flash Processing Start, Now Wait Up To 5 Minutes.
  • Wait For Flashing 100% Done.
  • Congratulations! Now Your Icon i404 Star Mobile Is Flashing Complete.

Icon i404 Star Firmware Advantage

  • Unbrick Icon i404 Star with Stock ROM.
  • Flashing stock ROM to fix boot loop.
  • Icon i404 Star Upgrade And Downgrade.
  • Fix network issue.
  • Unroot your phone to fix bugs.
  • To Reset or Remove Phone Security Lock.
  • Fix Hang On Logo Icon i404 Star.
  • Flashing Stock ROM can fix software issues.
  • Restore Your Warranty by going to Stock.

Take A Backup: If you are going to flash the above Firmware on your Mobile device, then take a backup of everything Because your Data will be Deleted after Flashing the Stock Firmware {alertWarning}

In conclusion, updating your Icon i404 Star device with the latest firmware, can unlock its true potential and provide you with an enhanced user experience. By following the installation process carefully and ensuring compatibility with the latest firmware version, you can enjoy improved performance, bug fixes, new features, and enhanced security. Stay up to date with firmware updates to make the most of your Icon i404 Star phone.

You can contact me if you are facing issues when flashing your device. I will be happy to assist you. Facebook Whatsapp

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