Realme C53 RMX3760 Sim Network Unlock File | UnlockTool RPMB Method

If you have a Realme C53 RMX3760 smartphone locked to a particular network carrier, you can unlock it using the UnlockTool write RPMB Method method. This method is 100% tested and works on all Realme C53 RMX3760 smartphones.

Realme C53 RMX3760 Sim Network Unlock File

What is a SIM network unlock file?

A SIM network unlock file is a small piece of data that can be programmed into your Realme C53 to remove the network lock. Once the unlock file has been programmed, your phone can use any SIM card from any carrier.

What is the UnlockTool write oplusreserve1.8 MiB method?

The UnlockTool write RPMB Method is a process of writing a small piece of data to the RPMB partition of your Realme C53 RMX3760 smartphone. This data will remove the network lock from your phone, allowing you to use it with any network carrier you choose.

Is it safe to unlock my Realme C53 RMX3760?

Yes, it is safe to unlock your Realme C53. Unlocking your phone does not void the warranty or damage your phone in any way.

Download Realme C53 RMX3760 Network Unlock File 100% Tested:

Here is a link to a reputable website where you can download the Realme C51 RMX3830 SIM network unlock file:

  • File Name: Realme C53 RMX3760 SIM Network Unlock.Zip
  • File Size: 16 MB
  • Method: RPMB
  • Tool: UnlockTool
  • Password: Paid [WhatsApp]

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Also, Need

UnlockTool Driver Installer
Libusb win32 devel filter

How to Unlock Realme C53 RMX3760 SIM Network

  1. Download the SIM network unlock file
  2. Launch the unlock tool
  3. Click Spreadtrum Tab
  4. Then Select the phone model
  5. Now read the RPMB file by clicking "Read RPMB" option
  6. Once the file read is complete, select and write the network unlock file by clicking on the Write RPMB option
  7. Wait to complete the unlocking process. This may take a few minutes.
  8. Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification confirming the successful Wright File.
  9. Disconnect your Phone from the USB cable.

Important notes:

Before unlocking your Realme C53 RMX3760 smartphone, ensure you have backed up all your important data.

The unlocking process may take a few minutes to complete. Please do not interrupt the process while it is in progress.


If you are considering unlocking your Realme C53 RMX3760 smartphone, I recommend using the UnlockTool write RPMB method. It is a safe and easy way to unlock your phone and give yourself more freedom.

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