Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 Flash File (Firmware) Download Free

The Realme C11 2021 is an Android smartphone released in 2021. Like other Android devices, it may sometimes require flashing the stock firmware to fix software issues or restore the device back to factory settings. This article provides instructions on how to download the official Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 flash file/firmware for free.

Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 Flash File

When do you need to flash firmware?

There are a few reasons why you might need to flash firmware on your Realme C11 2021 RMX3231:

To fix a bricked phone. A bricked phone is one that will not boot up properly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a failed software update or a hardware failure. Flashing firmware can often fix a bricked phone.

To install a custom ROM. A custom ROM is a modified version of the official firmware. Custom ROMs often offer new features and performance improvements.

To downgrade to a previous version of firmware. If you are not happy with a new firmware update, you can flash back to a previous version.

Download Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 Firmware

Realme C11 2021 USB Driver

Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 Cpu Type

Cpu Type: sp9863a


  • Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 smartphone
  • MSM Download Tool installed on your PC
  • Realme C11 2021 stock ROM firmware file
  • USB cable to connect phone to PC

Steps to install firmware on Realme C11 2021 RMX3231

  • Download SPD Upgrade Tool
  • Extract the SPD Upgrade Tool to a folder on your computer.
  • Download the official Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 firmware file from the Download section.
  • Extract the Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 firmware file to a folder on your computer.
  • Connect your Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch SPD Upgrade Tool.
  • Click on the "Load Packet" button and select the scatter file from the extracted firmware file.
  • Click on the "Start Downloading" button.
  • SPD Upgrade Tool will start flashing the firmware to your phone.
  • Once the firmware has been flashed successfully, you will see a green "Download OK" message.
  • Disconnect your Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 from your computer and press the power button to reboot your phone.


Always back up your phone before flashing firmware. This way, you can restore your data if something goes wrong.

Make sure that your phone is fully charged before flashing firmware.

Do not disconnect your phone from your computer while the firmware is being flashed.

If you encounter any problems while flashing firmware, consult the SPD Upgrade Tool documentation or a forum such as XDA Developers.


Installing the official Realme C11 2021 RMX3231 stock firmware can help you fix a variety of software issues with your device. Realme provides these flash files for free through its firmware download page. Just select the correct model number and variant before downloading the firmware zip file. Carefully follow all instructions when flashing the stock ROM using recovery mode. This should successfully upgrade or restore your Realme phone back to working order.

If you have any questions or difficulties flashing the firmware, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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