Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 Free Download (Portable Version) Frp Unlock

A simple Windows utility called the Muslim ODIN Tool V2.0. Ali Hassani released and worked on the Muslim Odin tool. This tool is portable. Users may unlock Samsung mobile FRP with only one click using this tool without having to install anything. Included in the Muslim Odin tool were the FRP, PIT, and ADB Enable files.

Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 Free Download


How To Use Muslim Odin Tool V2.0

  • Download and Unzip the Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 on your computer.
  • After you have downloaded the Samsung USB Driver, install it on your computer. If it is already installed, you can skip to the next step.
  • Launch the Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 on your computer.
  • Connect your device to your computer to MTP mode.
  • Click on the "All Mobile FRP" button.
  • After clicking on the Remove FRP button, Open a New Window.
  • Select Than Click "Start FRP Browser MTP"
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Reboot your Android device.

Features Muslim OdinTool:

  • File FRP
  • ADB Triggers File
  • File PIT
  • Rebooting ADB
  • Re-Partitions
  • Erase Nand
  • F-Time Reset
  • Flash Flash Look
  • Data Decompress
  • MD5 Package
  • Grow PIT
  • ADB Making
  • Installing Drivers
  • MTP Reset Factory
  • FRP ADB Reset
  • 300K For Mode Downloading
  • Download Mode Exit
  • Star and Button Stop

Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 More options:

  • Re-Set
  • Update
  • MD5 tuning
  • Create MDM
  • Create a hole
  • MTP Factory Reset
  • Create ADB
  • 300K to download mode
  • Read MTP information
  • Reset FRP ADB
  • out of download mode
  • All Android FRP

What’s New:-

  • Added KGG RMM Files
  • Added MDM Files
  • Added CERT Files
  • All Bug’s Fix

Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 Download Links:

  • Version: Muslim Odin Tool V2.0
  • File Size: 147 MB
  • Password: N/A


 USB Driver:

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Cradit: Muslim Odin Tool V2.0 is fully creditable to ‪Ali Hassani‬ . They are the creators and distributors of this amazing tool. {alertWarning}

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